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Souvenir Merchandise

Each year, the Alaska Run for Women sells a variety of commemorative merchandise featuring a unique artistic design.  There are two options for shopping:

1. A variety of merchandise is sold IN PERSON annually at registration and bib pick-up events prior to the run and on race day.

2. An ONLINE ONLY Specialty Store is always open at Cafe Press! The unique logo items offered at CafePress are completely separate and different from the merchandise sold in person by the Alaska Run for Women.

Merchandise FAQs

Why don't I get a t-shirt with registration?
The RFW is a donation based event and no registration fee is charged.

Are merchandise proceeds donated to the cause of fighting breast cancer?
Yes! Net proceeds are added to the Alaska Run for Women grant program benefiting breast cancer awareness, education, support and early detection programs. Local merchandise sales are handled by RFW board members and a volunteer sales crew.

Why are some items or sizes sold out on the morning of the race?
The goal is to sell all the merchandise and get the most financial benefit for the RFW grants program. There are four big selling days prior to the run (1 in Wasilla; 3 in Anchorage), and participants are encouraged to come early on these days and not wait until race day to make a purchase. Typically, merchandise is limited by race day. If we waited until the day of the run to sell all merchandise, the lines would be impossibly long and there is a risk of having a huge amount of unsold merchandise.

Why are you always out of MY size?
Merchandise orders are based on prior years sales, and are, at best, a guessing game! Often a certain color or style is more popular than others, and sells out faster.

What if I can't get to Anchorage before race day?
If you live outside the Anchorage and Valley area, you may prepay for merchandise to be picked up on the morning of the run. This is offered only to those with an out-of-town address. Contact Kathy Wisthoff

Other merchandise questions?
Contact Kathy Wisthoff

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2013 Merchandise

All 2013 merchandise is sold out except for the white shirt shown below. These are on sale for $15 which includes shipping charges. Contact Kathy Wisthoff to order.


White Long-Sleeve Cotton T-shirt
Unisex Adult Sizes L, XL, XXL ONLY
(Includes shipping)






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