June 082019

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Form a Team

Girl Power

Team Award

Walk with your sisters, best friends, co-workers and buddies and raise money for breast cancer programs!

  1. Five or more women make a team – the more the merrier!
  2. ID a team leader and select a team name. Create your team online and your teammates can become part of the team when registering. The Team Captain can also administer her team online and add people to her team after they have registered. (Note: Be sure that your team uses the correct team name, i.e., Team ABC is different than ABC Team. Each teammate signs up individually, online, via mail or in person, and picks-up bib individually.)
  3. Spread the word! Use one of our team tools to help get the word out with your co-workers, friends and family:                  
  4. Have fun! Wear coordinating t-shirts, crazy hats or a feather boa – show your support for breast cancer programs. Read more "Helpful Team Tips" here.
  5. Sponsor and decorate a Port-a-Potty. This is a great way to bring your team spirit to this wacky and popular part of the Run.
  6. Team awards are given for: A) Most money raised; B) Highest donation per participant; and C) Largest team.
  7. CLICK HERE if you are a team captain and would like to create an Alaska Run for Women team!
  8. Team Captains, click here to manage your team!

If you have any questions about forming a team please email

2018 Team Awards

Most Money Raised:

  1. Chugach Alaska Corporation $15,819                  
  2. The Jazzy Jaywalkers $7,495
  3. Blue Wave $3,125

Highest Average Donation Per Team Member: Jess's Jugs ($149)

 Largest Teams:

  1. Chugach Alaska Corporation (314 members; 14 survivors)
  2. The Jazzy Jaywalkers (136 members)
  3. Team Southcentral Foundation (107 members)

The Alaska Run for Women is largely supported by teams! In 2017, there were 185 teams raising a total of $80,323! In 2018, there were 200 teams raising a total of $89,405!