June 82024

Days to Race345

Rules for In-Person Event

Rules of the Road for All Participants

  1. Course marshals have the authority to remove any participant in violation of the rules of the event.
  2. Race bibs must be worn on the front and be clearly visible at all times on the course.
  3. All participants must follow the measured, designated course.
  4. Do not short cut through parking lots, alleys or grass areas along the bike trail or you will be disqualified.

Baby Strollers/Joggers/Bicycles/Roller Blades/Pets

Safety and insurance issues require that those participating with a baby stroller or jogger must walk the course. NO RUNNING. Baby strollers and joggers must line up behind all runners at both the 5-mile and 1-mile starts.

The baby stroller/jogger is a non-competitive event. For the 5-mile event, all baby strollers/joggers will start in the 5-mile untimed party wave.

No roller blades, wagons, bicycles or pets allowed.