June 122021

Days to Race248

Create or Join a Team

It only takes 5 to make a team. The more the merrier!

Chugach Alaska Corporation Team

  1. ID a Team Captain and select a team name. Click here to create your team online, and share the team name with family and friends. Your teammates can become part of the team when registering after April 15. The Team Captain can also administer her team online and add people to her team after they have registered. (Note: Be sure that your team uses the correct team name, i.e., Team ABC is different than ABC Team. Each teammate signs up individually!)
  2. Spread the word! Use one of our team tools to help get the word out with your co-workers, friends and family:
    • Team poster (coming soon): fill in your team captain information and team name and share around your workplace.
    • Link the 2021 team graphic (coming soon) to the AKRFW registration page and send to your prospective team members.
  3. Have fun! Wear coordinating t-shirts, crazy hats or a feather boa – show your support for breast cancer programs. Read more “Helpful Team Tips” here.
  4. Team awards are given for: Most Money Raised, Largest Team and Team with the Most States Represented.
  5. Team Captains, click here to manage your team!
  6. Click here to see a list of 2021 teams, contact information if the team captain elected to make it public, and registered participants on each team.

    Can Teammates Run Together?

    ~All participants must follow local and state mandates in place at the time of the run (i.e., shelter-in-place orders, social distancing, face covering requirements, etc.)
    ~While you may not be able to run together physically, we encourage teams to focus on fundraising and supporting each other while running their individual race or participating with your family unit only.
    ~You can still have fun and show your team spirit even without running/walking together. Post photos of your coordinating t-shirts, crazy hats or a feather boa – and share it on social media with #AKRFW2021.

    If you have any questions about forming a team please email teams@akrfw.org.

2020 Team Awards*

Most Money Raised:

  1. Chugach Alaska Corporation ($12,398)
  2. Jazzy Jaywalkers ($10,160)
  3. Crows for Caws ($4,005)

Largest Teams:

  1. Chugach Alaska Corporation (192)
  2. Jazzy Jaywalkers (126)
  3. Nightingales (106)

2019 Team Awards

Most Money Raised:

  1. Chugach Alaska Corporation $12,637
  2. Alaska Functional Fitness $7,110
  3. The Jazzy Jaywalkers $2,755

Largest Teams:

  1. Chugach Alaska Corporation (257 members; 7 survivors)
  2. Team SCF – Southcentral Foundation (68 members; 4 survivors)
  3. TAPS Fights – Alyeska Pipeline Services Company (54 members; 2 survivors)

The Alaska Run for Women is largely supported by teams!
2017: 185 teams raised $80,323
2018: 200 teams raised $89,405
2019: 141 teams raised $70,410
2020: 163 teams raised $108,603 (Virtual AKRFW)

* Any donation received after race day for your team will not be officially counted for team awards, but will appear as a donation from your team.