June 72025

Days to Race361

Individual Donations

Why Donate? The Alaska Run for Women has raised $5.5 million in the fight against breast cancer. Every donation whether it’s $5, $15, $150 or more makes a difference. Your dollars could help fund a mammogram, a support program for a survivor, research to prevent breast cancer, find a cure and better treatments, and more. Donations to the Alaska Run for Women – a homegrown and independent non-profit organization – fund breast cancer programs in Alaska!

Donate Today

  • In memory of someone who battled the disease
  • In the name of someone newly diagnosed
  • In honor of a survivor
  • In support of a team registered for the Run
  • Because every donation counts

Giving Ideas

  • Leave a gift in your will
  • In lieu of flowers at a funeral
  • Organize a fundraiser in the community, at school or youth activity
  • Make a one-time donation today or set up a regular donation

How to Donate

1. Donate Online

2. Mail a check to:
Alaska Run for Women
PO Box 240687
Anchorage, Alaska

2. Become a Pink Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze donor

On Philanthropy

“When a friend and colleague dies, and especially when a friend dies suddenly, it really makes you stop and think. Am I ready? What am I leaving behind? The reality is that within two generations, the average person is unknown. Even the second generation of your family won’t remember you or know about the small, specific things that make you a unique individual. We wanted to say something about our friend’s life — to say this person made important contributions and shouldn’t be forgotten. Philanthropy has healing properties when you’ve experienced a loss, and also offers a unique opportunity to make an impact far into the future.” –Dr. Michael Link, President, American Society of Clinical Oncology