June 102023

Days to Race356

This is not the first tribute I’ve written about my mother, and it won’t be my last. My mother was just a young girl, around 5 as best we know, when her own mother passed after battling breast cancer. This would have been around 1942. My mother was orphaned and a few years later adopted by a loving, childless couple. Then in 1961 I was born, followed by my sister Christine in 1963 and then in 1969 mom was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with my youngest sister, Chelsea. Chelsea was born in October 1969 and shortly after mom had a mastectomy. Just 10 months later, at the tender age of 32, my mother lost her courageous fight with breast cancer. I miss my mom every, single day. The empty spot never goes away. I am thankful for the understanding of my own daughter, who does this race with me every year. This year (2022) was Heidi’s 30th and she has participated in nearly every Run for Women. Together we remember my grandmother, her great-grandma; my mom, her grand-ma; and so many SURVIVORS who remind us of the importance of science and the gains we continue to make. Blessings on the family and friends left behind. Blessings on our beloved ones.