June 112022

Days to Race356

My sister Christy was a talented and driven young woman. She played flute in Jr. High, High School and college, always made good grades, had lots of friends and earned her bachelor’s degree in education in Texas. After marriage she and her husband had two sons, the first (Bobby) was born with a severe heart defect and wasn’t expected to live for two or three months. He endured 4 or more heart surgeries throughout his early childhood. After the stress of constant medical attention for her son, a divorce and a long battle with depression and Bipolar Disorder, Christy took her own life on July 26th, 1993. Bobby out-lived his mother by several years before his heart finally gave out at age sixteen. Her second son Mike (now an adult) lives in Michigan battling Bipolar Disorder himself.

I dedicate my volunteer work on the Alaska Run For Women Website to Christy and Bobby.