June 112022

Days to Race356

Jennifer Jones is the daughter of our life time friends, George and Funa Hornberger. After Funa had been treated for breast cancer, her first born daughter was diagnosed. Jen was in her early thirties, a college graduate and school teacher, and a loving wife and mother. She was an artist and especially enjoyed beading. One of her projects is a beaded quilt that was made by Jen and her family and friends, and now hangs in the Providence Oncology unit. Jen was raised with traditional Alaskan values and ensured that these and Christian values were passed onto her children. One of the more amazing things about Jen was the way she was able to rise to the emotional challenge of dying with grace and love. A few summers ago, Jen and her children, Funa, a friend and I gaily walked the race together in pink party hats and shirts.