June 112022

Days to Race356

January 3, 1956 to March 21, 2010 – Karen had a mammogram in June of 2009 and was told it was normal. In September she felt something in her left breast, the doctor told her it was just cartilage. In October she got a cough and had trouble breathing; they gave her breathing treatments with an O2 level in the 80’s. She was admitted in the hospital for pneumonia. A few days later a test showed she had metastatic breast cancer; it had spread to her lungs. She was in the hospital for quite some time and in March an MRI showed the cancer had spread to her brain. From diagnoses to our loss… 6 months. She is missed by so many: Her family, her friends, her mom, Lynn Hobson (a breast cancer survivor) and all those who ever came in contact with her. She was the most wonderful person one could ever know. Her smile and personality would light up a room, and she could make everyone feel welcome.