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About the Alaska Run for Women

Alaska Run for Women Runner

Mission Statement

"To raise money for and awareness of breast cancer and women’s health, and to showcase the talents of Alaska’s women athletes."

This is accomplished through: an annual women's run/walk event that serves as a vehicle for fundraising, participation, awareness and competition, and grant making to organizations concerned with breast cancer research, education, outreach, prevention and early detection.

Race History

The first Alaska Run for Women event was held in 1993 and drew 758 participants. It was started as an alternative to the then 15-year-old Alaska Women's Run. Read founder Terri Pauls' complete narrative of the RFW's origins. Now one of the most visible running events in the state, the Run is also one of the largest all-women runs in the country.

Organized by a strong group of volunteers – a board of directors and a race committee – the Run generates a unique sense of camaraderie and sisterhood. Competitors include runners and walkers of all ages and abilities, many sporting cards honoring a loved one who has survived breast cancer or in memory of those who have not.

Since 1993, $4.2 million in cash and donated mammograms has been generated by the event – all of which has been distributed to organizations associated with breast cancer. The donated mammograms are given to low-income women through a program administered by a local non-profit. To learn more about the grants program or to review a list of all grant recipients, visit our grants page.

Satellite Run Program

The Alaska Run for Women Satellite Run Program was established to provide a means for broader participation in the annual event by promoting the involvement of women in communities unable to participate because of their location. Satellite runs would take place on the same day and time as the annual Alaska Run for Women, held in Anchorage, typically the second Saturday in June. The satellite runs would be locally organized and facilitated but coordinated through the parent organization. The role of the parent organization is to provide guidance, consultation, and some administrative assistance to the local groups.

The ultimate goal of this program is to significantly expand the level of participation in the Alaska Run for Women by offering women throughout the state the opportunity to join the cause in their respective communities on race day. If you are interested in starting a satellite run in your community, please contact race directors at