June 132020

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Grants & Grant Recipients

The primary focus of the Alaska Run for Women's fundraising efforts is to create awareness and decrease the impact of breast cancer on our Alaska communities through education, outreach, research, early detection and treatment.

Each year, the organization provides grant funds for special projects focusing on breast cancer issues. Funds are allotted annually through a set review process, which takes place in September. Grant applications are due Aug. 15, 2019.

Breast cancer touches so many in so many different ways. Have you, a friend or family member been impacted by breast cancer? Do you have a project that furthers the message, broadens awareness or provides resources for breast cancer information? Download the 2019 grant application in PDF; download 2019 in Word Format.  

2018 Grant Recipients – Total funds granted in 2018: $222,000


    ​American Cancer Society

    Provides funding for a variety of cancer related clothing supports for women experiencing the effects of cancer therapy, e.g., lymphedema sleeves and gloves, pocketed tank tops and protheses. Amount: $8,890



    Partial funding for two media projects: "Understanding Lymphedema" and "Why Did I Get Breast Cancer and What Can I Do About It?"

    Amount: $10,000


    Alaska Community Action on Toxics

    ACAT is an environmental action organization with a statewide focus. Funding will build on work done over the past several years by educating women, health care providers and policymakers about the connection between harmful chemicals and breast cancer. Amount: $16,560


    Alaska Run for Women Mammogram Program

    Administered by Anchorage YWCA. Provides access to mammography services for medically underserved women. Amount: $10,000


    Anchorage Young Cancer Coalition

    Provides partial funding for a physically challenging experience in Alaska, surrounded by peer support, in an effort to balance the negative emotional effects of living with cancer.

    Amount: $5,250


    Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska

    Provides funding for mobile mammography services, focusing on under-served populations of women, primarily in rural Alaska and at a fixed-site in Fairbanks.

    Amount: $20,000


    Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic

    Women’s Health Outreach Program-This clinical provider reaches a significant number of medically underserved women for outreach and early detection of breast cancer on the Kenai Peninsula and villages across Kachemak Bay. Their contribution to ‘outreach’ is significant through door to door visits in rural settings. Amount: $30,000


    Let Every Woman Know

    This grant will provide scholarships for Breast Cancer Survivors to take part in the Extra Toughs program. This integrated team approach was designed to support weight loss, healthy lifestyles, and survivorship for women with breast or gynecologic cancer. Amount: $5,000


    The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)

    Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium and the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology studies the effectiveness of existing therapies, overcoming resistance to therapies and finding diagnostic tools to help assess response to therapy. This organization works with over 230 clinical researchers and maintains an A+ rating from Charity Watch. Amount: $36,300


    UAA Clinical Research

    (Holly Martinson and Max Kullberg, Principal Investigators)- Targeted Drug Delivery to Reprogram Immunosuppressive Cells in Breast Cancer. Study to create a more effective treatment against metastatic breast cancer using targeted drug delivery to activate anti-immune response. System developed would allow for direct translation to clinical practice. Amount: $15,000


    YWCA Women's Wellness Breast & Cervical Program

    Designed to reduce breast and cervical cancer mortality and increase access to healthcare for at-risk women throughout Alaska by removing barriers to screening services and educating women about the importance of early detection. (Provides outreach, education, transportation & interpretation services for medically underserved women in the Anchorage area in an effort to promote breast cancer awareness & screening.) Amount: $65,000